E-Learning Services


From military to banking, from airlines to petroleum – over the years we have developed more than 1000 learning hours of custom e-learning content for various sectors. We have provided a unique solution for each of our client, absolutely based on their needs.
We provide end-to-end customized e-learning services. Beside custom content development, we also have expertise in custom e-learning templates development, custom e-learning tools development, custom integration services as well as custom assessment techniques development.


Your business environment is assorted with different platforms, operating systems and devices? We understand your needs and so we create learning solutions that adapt and work in your environment. With the use of HTML5, we make sure your e-content is delivered consistently and effectively in multiple devices.


Currently kingdom is rapidly adapting the use of latest educational technologies. Many universities as well as some corporates already have good

contents in the form of book or journal or whitepaper. The conversion of such content will not just make is easily accessible but also makes it more interactive and better in quality.

When rapid learning is the solution to your challenges, we not just utilize the various popular authoring tools, but sometimes go as far as developing a new tool and methodology required. Over the period, we have not just performed the rapid authoring task for our clients, but also have helped them in selecting the right tool and defined a suitable methodology.

Game mechanics and technology allows for high-fidelity interactive trainings. The major benefits include higher engagement and improved training. When it comes to serious games or game based learning development, Dolf uses the team which is specifically nurtured for game designs, game-based instructional designers and game architects.

With a substantially large experience in designing and developing serious games and game based learning solutions, be sure that your needs will be absolutely taken care of.


Learning Nuggets are relatively small learning units and short-term learning activity with the use of multimedia which bridges the gap between formal and informal learning.

Be it for a quick reference or for understanding a complex concept in a simple way, nuggets are an entertaining way of quick learning. Some of our clients has also used if for the corporate awareness programs on various subjects like safety, health etc.


Depending on your requirements, you may either need to localize an already existing content or want to develop content in both Arabic as well as English. Dolf offer a comprehensive range of localization services including, voice recording, localization of the content, visuals, animations etc. The linguistic and functional testing is an integral part of the localization services offered by Dolf.